Saturday, April 25, 2009

Дали ръководителите на Европейският съюз са чели Мисес?

Изглежда, че отговорът е ДА!

Следните два цитата са от HUMAN ACTION, Ludwig Von Mises Institute; 1 edition (December 1, 1998), стр. 545:

"...According to the inflationist view of history, inflation by and large tends to increase the earnings of the entrepreneurs. Commodity prices rise sooner and to a steeper level than wage rates. On the one hand, wage earners and salaried peopie, ciasses who spend the greater part of
their income for consumption and save little, are adversely affected and must accordingly restrict their expenditures. On the other hand, the proprietary strata of the population, whose propensity to save a considerable part of their income is much greater, are favored; they
do not increase their consumption in proportion, but also increase their savings. Thus in the community as a whole there arises a tendency toward an intensified accumulation of new capital. Additional investment is the corollary of the restriction of consumption imposed
upon that part of the population which consumes the much greater part of the annual produce of the economic system. This forced saving lowers the rate of originary interest. It accelerates the pace of economic progress and the improvement in technological methods."

"...Furthermore, it is necessary to remember that the greater propensity of the wealthier classes to save and to accumulate capital is merely a psychological and not a praxeological fact. It could happen that these people to whom the inflationary movement conveys additional
proceeds do not save and invest their boon but employ it for an increase in their consumption. It is impossible to predict with the apodictic definiteness which characterizes all theorems of economics, in what way those profiting from the inflation will act. History can tell us what happened in the past. But it cannot assert that it must happen in the future."

Ами ако има организация, нека я наречем с кодовото наименование ОЛАФ, която да се грижи увеличението на паричната маса (кредита) да бъде употребявано само за инвестиции?
Тогава нещата може би ще си дойдат на мястото и описаното в първият цитат ще започне да се случва?

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